The call by Mitch McConnell to hold a vote on the “green new deal” is  what is known as a show vote in the Senate. It is meant for those in favor or against a measure to be put on record.


McConnel does NOT believe in the green new deal which should be obvious to everyone. His reason for calling for a vote is to put the Democrats on the spot, mainly those running for the 2020 presidential nomination.

Now, I am not sure if it is his age that is fogging his judgement or his lack of understanding of the attitude of a majority of americans when it comes to enviormental issues that caused him to pull this desperate stunt.

For one thing, since he announced his intention to bring this measure to the floor, the democrats have had plenty of time to prepare for it both before and after the vote.

McConnell and the Republicans also have two other problems which will show up just in time for the campaigns which will start in ernest in 2020.

Hurricanes and fires. 2019 and 2020 are slated to be bad years for both hurricanes and wildfires. There are also indications that torrential rains will be the worst on record in 2019.

2018 should have been a wake up call for Republicans when it comes to the trend for the weather patterns on the planet getting much worse by the day but unfortunately their addiction to coal and fossil fuels have clouded their judgement.

The destruction that will be wrought by the progession of climate change will affect more and more voters as the days weeks and months pass.

oil prices

Other factors such as the rise in oil prices caused by political turmoil in South America and the Middle East being translated in higher gas prices and heating fuel prices will make the public be more aware of the need for the country to become energy independent.


It will become quite clear in a short period of time that the answer is renewable energy.


Solar panels are becoming increasingly more cost effective and that will lead to more and more homeowners turning to  this source of power to both be prepared in the event of various enviormental disasters that would cause power outages as well as save money by not having to pay increasingly higher utility bills.


Mich McConnel wants people to run away from the green new day. He might, instead, be the catylist for people to run straight towards the green new deal and support those who advocate supporting it.

Stay tuned

William K Murtaugh

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