trumpcheckIf your name was mentioned in the recent public hearing where Former Trump atty Michael Cohen testified, be prepared to be called to testify before one or more house oversight and intelligence committes to answer what was mentioned in the hearings by Mr Cohen.

The various hearings are only the beginning to what is expected to be one of the busiest Marches in recent history when it comes to congressional hearings, investigations and other major events that will occupy the time of mainstream media reporters and those on social media who are active in following and commenting about such matters.


In addition to the slew of congressional hearings will be a flood of indictments coming out of the SDNY in the next few weeks.

There will also be the sentencing of Mr. Manafort as well as the continuing cooperation of Ms Butina.


In addition there will be periperial events such as the disbarrment of at least one Republican lawyer because of his recent threats against Cohen on Twitter and there may also be censure accompanied by possible criminal charges due to his continuing harassment and intimidation of Cohen.


It is also alleged that Michael Stone may have violated his gag order by making comments on the Muller investigation and the testimony of Michael Cohen.

There are other yet undisclosed breaking news stories that will be coming out as well.


It is incumbent on everyone to stock up on the popcorn and favorate beverages as well as setting the dvrs to capture what is going to be some historical broadcasts to air almost daily during March 2019.

The Year of the Great Conflaguration is proceeding full speed and it will certainly be one hell of a ride.

Until Later

William K Murtaugh

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