ncowI have followed court cases over the years both criminal and civil and I have never heard of anyone suing an online cow, until now. IF that were not weird enough Rep Nunes files yet another “interesting” lawsuit.


He did not sue a democrat but, instead sued Republican strategist Liz Mair a woman who considers herself a liberatarian republican. Now why would he sue a fellow republican?

The rather strange reason for the lawsuit is her posting the words “holy crap.” in a retweet of The Sacramento Bee article about accusations against Rep Nunes.

Ms. Mair has made a number of appearences on the various news programs and has also issued a statement on Twitter about the lawsuit.


Many legal experts have stated that the lawsuit is dead on arrival. There are first amendment issues as well as protections against publishers of satire and parody websites.

There are also protections in place that exempts Twitter and other Social Media websites from being liable for the content of the users of their websites.

One thing that has resulted from the lawsuit is that the cow has gone from a thousand or so followers to hudreds of followerss once news of the lawsuit spread.

I guess the moral of the story is that if you want to increase your followers, get a butt hurt republican congressperson to sue you.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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