Well, the moment we have all been waiting for is finally here. Muller has sent his report to Attorney General William Barr and now all of the speculation has started as to what is in the report.

barrletterIn all of the debates the talking heads on tv are shouting at each other about one subject keeps coming up.

Was there collusion or not and is Trump involved in any way.

I have long stated that Collusion is the wrong term. I feel that either Collaboration or Conspiracy were the more legitimate terms to be used.

Another revelation turned up in the cover letter that Barr sent to congress stating that he had the report and will be sending it to them after he reviewed it was that there were indications that no further indictments coming out of Muller’s office.

This has caused a bit of an uproar as the Trump supporters have been cheering and shouting “no collusion and hoax and other terms of celebration since this news came out.

Well, these pundents should not be counting their chickens before they hatch. In the days and months to come, they might be in for a big disappointment.

First, there is what might be in the report once it is released. While there might not be more criminal indictments coming, the political ramifications as well as our relations with Russia, China and other powers that might have been behind the interference with our election process will be disclosed.

The mission of the Muller investigation was to find out if the election process was interfered with and if so by whom and how.

Trump’s constant using the refrain no “collusion no. collusion” was a diversion from this true purpose of the Muller investigation.

Next, it must be pointed out that even if no FEDERAL indictments are coming, there are other jurisdictions where indictictments are not only possible but are most likely.

Throughout the investigation, Muller has “farmed out” potential criminal findings to other federal institutions throughout the United States.

There are a multitude of investigations that are ongoing that are most certainly going to result in indictments and there are also investigations that nobody is discussing that will have indictments coming out once those investigations are completed.

Any convictions resulting from these indictments will be pardon proof.

Finally there are the political ramifications that will result from what is in the report as well as what comes out once all the investigations are disclosed to the public.

Reputations will be damaged and the political futures of many including Trump may be in peril. There may also be calls for impeachment in the horizon as well.

The Muller farm has planted the seeds so now it is time to see what crop yield we have this fall.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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