gameoverThe one thing I have noticed over the years when it comes to the @realdonaldtrump twitter account is the differences in linguistics and sophistication in some of the tweets.

It has lead me to make the obvious conclusion that not all, and probably most of the tweets by Donald Trump are not made by Trump but instead by someone designated to do so on his behalf.

The “Game over” Game of Thrones post on the Trump twitter account is one of many examples that it is not him making these posts.

The reason for this conclusion is quite obvious. Trump does not possess the skill or talent necessary to make the graphics and then send the tweet over an Iphone.

While it may be Trump who gets the credit or blame, it is clear that this distinction belongs to someone else.

In the end, this fact might be useful as there will come a time when whomever is behind certain tweets may be called to explain the circumstances behind them.

Until then it is best to keep in mind that the tweets that we may see on the Trump account may not be what they appear to be.

Until later

William K Murtaugh


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