As I write this article, it is a few hours to when A.G. Muller is about to face the Senate Judiciary Committee in what is certain to be one of the most heated of any that have been held to date.

Reports are now coming out that Special Consul Muller is not happy that Barr mischaracterized his report.

The internet is now on fire with tweets posted calling for the impeachment and demands for Barr to Resign.

If the claims about Barr’s lying about the content of Mullers report are proven to be true, AG Barr may find himself in as much if not more trouble than Trump finds himself.

A shakeup similar to Watergate may be in the making as yet one more scandal comes out of the Trump administrate.

The MAGAmadness in this year of the great conflaguration continues.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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