The big crybaby Donald Trump is at it again complaining that people like James Woods and others are being banned from Twitter Facebook and other major social media outlets.

I find this rather strange for a number of reasons. First the primary reason is that he has the massive Fox news at his fingertips as his propaganda arm along with Sinclair at his beck and call.

Speaking of Beck, there is also Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, the evangelicals, the NRA, Rush Limbaugh and the thousands of Youtubers who webcast their support of Trump with their outlandish conspiracies.

Trump also has at his disposal the tens of thousands of blogs who support him. And he also has Russia, North Korea, China and other countries who employ thousands of trolls to spread his propaganda 24/7.

Even the outlets that he complains spread “fake news” such as CNN and MSNBC will air his speeches and allow pundants from the far right to come on their networks to advocate Trump and his racist and bigoted agendas.

There is also, Wikileaks, 4chan, and the other chan websites that seem to have joined the right wing wacko bandwagon which I find most strange since the Trump government goes against everything they claim to believe in, go figure.

This is all perplexing. The alt right machine is quite powerful and all the above helped him become president and are stupid enough to try and get him elected for a second term.

To top all of this are the tens of MILLIONS of Facebook, Twitter, account comprised of those gullible enough to buy all of this nonsense and retweet and repost some of the dumbest content I have ever seen on my decades of being on line.

So this brings me to my last question:

When is enough, enough?

Until later

William K Murtaugh


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