It would appear that the alt right Trump supporters having a cow about a fake online cow on Twitter and are now engaged in a mass reporting effort against @Devincow in order to get the account suspended.

This is perhaps the silliest tactic that is employed by those who are having a problem with someone who they disagree with. In order to report a Twitter account in a way that may stand even a remote chance of being suspended, the cultists must create a lie in order to do so.

This tactic is nothing new. I was personally a target of this childish tactic years ago and it was largely a useless effort on the part of those who took part in it.

It appears that the reason the mass reporting started is because the maga cons had a burr up their ass because one of their favorite bigoted and hate filled Twitter accounts were banned.


They were also encouraged by Trump who was also having a cow over the hate filled and bigoted accounts that supported him were being banned not only by Twitter but other major social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram.

A more sensible path is being taken by those where banned that is far more constructive. Certain social media accounts are migrating over to such places as or domains they created.

On a final note, I have also banned the same accounts. I simply blocked them on Twitter and Facebook. I do not use Instagram that much so I do not bother with any of these nut cases over there.

What this effort by the right wing haters does is prove they are against free speech while at the same time protesting about the free speech rights of their favorite hate mongers and bigots being banned.

In the process they are ignoring the one solution that would solve their little butt hurt.

Restoring net neutrality.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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