In my research into the history of Hitler and the Third Reich, in my quest to understand how he was able to accomplish what he did, I came across a woman who had a role remarkably similar to that of Sarah Sanders, the current press secretary to Donald Trump.

My motivation into the research that lead to this discovery was to seek out similarities between Sanders recent purge of the White House press pool and the efforts of Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Gobbles.

What I found was a woman who was just as obsessed with Hitler and who was even at her death at 109 was unrepentant when it came to her role in the Third Reich and her admiration of Hitler and Gobbles.


“Her skill as a typist, she said, brought her to the role of Joseph Goebbels’ secretary in 1942, during the war, when he was minister of “public enlightenment and propaganda”.She described Goebbels as “a good looking man … a bit short”, who was always well-groomed and well-dressed – but arrogant.”

While the structure of the Third Reich and the White House were different and the title of Sanders and Pomsal were different as well as their primary duties, their roles did have one thing in common.

They  both had a part in the spread of their leaders propaganda….and their lies.

We all know how Sarah Sanders lies on a daily basis. What most of you do not know until now is that Sanders shares this trait with Ms. Pomsal.


It is alleged that Ms. Pomsal was actively massaging downwards statistics about fallen soldiers, as well as exaggerating the number of rapes of German women by the Russian Army.

It is important when going forward with trying to sort out what is true and what is not when it comes to Trump and his actions that we bear in mind that there are underlings like Sanders and Pomsal working not only to set forth the lies of their respective leaders but add to them with their own lies as well.


Until later

William K Murtaugh





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