At first glance one would think it ironic that two years after I stood in front of a courthouse in Steubenville, Ohio on the day Deric Lostutter, the bumbling hacker who, admitted to being the mastermind of an unauthorized infiltration of a high school sports website reported to Federal Prison that I would be once again writing about Deric Lostutter reporting to prison in relation to the same criminal act.

Is it Ironic? Yes, a surprise? No. It was, in fact, inevitable.

This is not the first time Deric’s wanton disregard for the rule of law caused him problems nor is it, apparently the last.

Deric Lostutter was originally sentenced to Two years in federal prison after pleading guilty for four federal charges related to his violation of the computer fraud and abuse act.

Lostutter had originally been allowed to remain free until May 8th, 2017 when he was sentenced in a Kentucky court if March of that year.

Unfortunately, Deric could not resist violating the terms of his short term freedom by going on the internet with a plea for funds in a video posted on line.

This stunt caused Deric to be jailed almost a month early by the same judge that imposed the original sentence.

The judge had made it clear in his sentencing that he felt Deric would re offend and that is exactly what he did.

It did not take Deric, who had been released from prison only a few short months ago to violate the terms of his supervised probation when he was forced to admit that he had been associating with a convicted felon , twice, and had also been consuming alcohol.

dlmay19Deric Lostutter will now spend an additional 6 months in federal prison for his continued flaunting of the law and it will then be a waiting game to see how long it might be before he re offends once again sometime after he is released this coming fall.


Until later,

William K Murtaugh

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