The blatant use of altered and downright fraudulent videos and other multimedia content against the resistance movement and Democratic candidates brings back one of the most damaging and mysterious false accusations ever made against me on the internet.

Several years ago I started out live streaming while mobile using a lap top and technology available at the time. I was one of only a few private individuals capable of doing this when I started.

As always seems to be the case, a number of trolls decided to harass me over the simple fact I was able to do this. Their efforts became increasingly complex and as a result extremely difficult to investigate and expose how the hoax was created.

One of the most effective and most damaging of these efforts was the accusation made against me that I was engaging in stolen valor.

For those who are not aware, stolen valor is the practice of using false military credentials to benefit in some manner the special treatment afforded those who have served or are currently serving in the military.

Next to being accused of being a pedophile, this is one of the worst things that someone can be accused of.

At the height of the most vile false accusations being levied against me a photo suddenly appeared on my Facebook page. It contained a photo of “me” in uniform standing in front of some kind of military symbol.

As is always the case, a blog went up accusing me of stolen valor in spite of the fact that I had made it clear many times in the past that I had not been in the military, ever, and stated in detail as to why.

After talking to Facebook personnel, it was determined that someone had managed to hack into my Facebook account and plant the photo and statement that accompanied it. I immediately removed the image and changed my log in information.

My next goal is to figure out where the image came from. My efforts, in large part, failed because, at the time, I did not have the knowledge or resources to track this information down.

Then, recently, the information surfaced, sent by an anonymous person who sends me messages containing the sources of my problems over the years and who was behind them.

To my surprise I was told that the image in the blog about me and the one on Facebook came from a video made by…………William Murtaugh.

This William Murtaugh was not me, however.

The William Murtaugh in the video is from Chicago and is definitely not me but does resemble me at first glance. The resolution is not the best which is why it might not be hard to believe that I somehow created the image thus proving the accusations against me.

If the person who made the original accusation wanted the truth, it would have been a simple matter to trace the video to the source which I did once the anonymous information had been sent to me.

It appears that the original video was a “message from the front” made by that William Murtaugh who was serving in Kuwait.

DIVIDS is run by the Department of Defense and within the website is an area where a member of the military can tell his or her story or in this case, send a messages to those at home from his station in Kuwait.

The hacker simply did a screen grab from the video and used it within my hacked Facebook page to give my subscribers the impression that I was engaging in stolen valor.

The timing of this fraud could not have been worse. At the time this hoax occurred, there was a lot of attention being paid to social media personalities who were using stolen valor to bolster their on line reputations.

It turns out that this incident came to the attention of a Lake County, Fl Anonymous member who used this information as an excuse to damage me financially and also used to threaten to spread this false accusation if I made an issue of the actions he took against me.

Now as to why I bring this matter up.

This method and other similar methods are being used to make false claims and accusations against those in the progressive movement as well as those who are running against Trump and other Republicans in the various 2020 political campaigns.

The use of our veterans in the matter that was levied against me is yet another example of the lack of morals and ethics of the MAGA’s behind these actions, who would use active members of the military in this manner.

And yes, the person responsible for the stolen valor hoax against me is a staunch Trump supporter.

William K Murtaugh

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