Over the past decade or so I have been researching scammers on the internet who try various ways to steal money from unsuspecting victims on the internet. One of the earliest research subjects was into the world of romance scams.


I first became in Romance scams when I was contacted by an associate who was living in Melbourne, Florida and told me of his friend at work who he suspected was being scammed by a woman who kept finding reasons to ask him to send her money.


It was fairly easy to track down the information needed to prove to the victim that this was, in fact a scam, and that he needed to immediately cease all contact with the woman, who in reality was a twenty something male operating out of an internet cafe in, Lagos, Nigeria the then capitol of internet scamming.


I now fast forward to 2019 where I have discovered an intense on line campaign by vigilantes utilizing the latest investigative and hacking techniques to expose and shut down the various scammers taking advantage of unsuspecting victims.

In a series of articles and eventual multimedia webcasts I plan on exploring the good works of these individuals who have done a lot to end the evil practices of these anonymous ( and not so anonymous) criminals who take advantage of the most vulnerable of us on the internet.

Stay tuned

William K Murtaugh

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