Timothy Holmseth, a conspiray theorist who has been obessed with the Haleigh Cummings missing child case, flew the coop this morning.


thw2This was to be the second of four trials Holmseth is facing for his alleged stalking of a Florida attorney and her family. The attorney had filed for a restraining order which Holmseth was alleged to have violated almost immediately.


Recently, Holmseth had become allied with supporters of the mysterious Qanon. This group believes everyone except Donald Trump is guilty of being involved in crimes against children as well as other baseless theories coming out of alt right social media sources.

Holmseth declared recently that he was under the protection of congress, Pres. Trump and even the US Marines.

It is logical to assume that his supporters will use this excuse to explain why Holmseth did not appear at a victory party held in his honor at a local motel.

It is possible Holmseth had never intended to appear at the trial and perhaps with the help of the fringe group Soverin Citizens, left the area to elude capture.


Since the warrant is valid only in the state of Minnesota, it is presumed that he has  left the state. He does have a daughter in Tenneesee and has been there on several occasions. 

This was not the best cource of action for Holmseth to take. First, he is now considered a flight risk and it can be argued that he will no longer be free on bond for this trial and for the next two scheduled trials once he completes the administered sentence he will likely receive if adjudicated guilty.

Holmseth will also no longer be able to remain in Minnesota without risk of arrest. He will find it harder to visit his elderly parents who reside in Minnesota.

He will also no longer be able to renew his drivers license nor will he be able to register an automobile in the state of Minnesota since both would allow authorities to obtain residental information and arrest him.

Obtaining employment may be a problem since Holmseth now has a serious criminal record including the open bench warrant. 

Not being able to obtain a place of residence will also present problems due to background checks by landlords and he will also no longer be eligible for subsidized housing (section 8) for this same reason as well as probably skipping out of the lease for his current residence in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

At the very least, Holmseth will now be dependant on his supporters and whoever helped him elude justice. He will have to eat, attain living quarters as well as the other basic needs a person finds necessary to survive.

Holmseth was probably convinced he would become a myrter in support of missing and exploited children. That may be true but for a short while.

That may be true in the short term but eventually he will either be caught, turn himself in, or those around him will tire of him and cast him out.

He will eventually find himself forgotten and alone, and suffering from the punishment he has inflcted upon himself. 

Until later

William K Murtaugh


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