As of this writing Tim Holmseth is still on the run. Nobody seems to know exactly where he is. It was once rumored that he left the state and was just across the border to the west of MN in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

thw1It was assumed that he would have gone to North Dakota since the warrant is only good within the state of Minnesota. But alas, it is believed that he is still in Minnesota.

This would mean that either Tim does not know the bench warrant is restricted to the state of Minnesota or someone might be harboring him which is not a terribly bright idea.

Harboring a fugitive from justice, you see, will get your ass arrested along with Tim. The judge would take a dim view of anyone helping Tim evade arrest and act accordingly.

So, where the hell is Timmy? Well, the tin hat crowd would lead you to believe he is under congressional protection of congress or the US Marines.

Not bad for someone whose greatest achievment is that of a pizza delivery driver in a small town. 

parklotMy guess is that he is either at his daughter’s house or is camping out in his car in a rest area or in a parking lot somewhere.

Tim has little or no money so that I doubt he is hold up in a comfy Motel. He has also been relitively silent which brings up the question, does he have a laptop or phone with him? It has been claimed that he has shut his phone off .This is thought to have prevented him from being GPS tracked which might be true. 

So another day goes by while Tim enjoys one more day of freedom before he is eventually caught and brought back to court to face justice.

I will be back tomorrow with another update as to the status of the coward of Crookstown, Minnesota. 

Until later

William K murtaugh

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