I had an interesting encounter with a Twitter troll  account just before writing this that lasted for quite a long time. After a while I noticed a pattern I recognized from past encounters and decided to continue to engage this troll when my usual practice was to block and ignore.

Things came to a head when certain material appeared within the Tweets from the troll and in the same manner this same material always appeared when getting into discussions with Holmseth.

On a hunch, I posted a tweet expressing my feeling that the account was actually Tim posting as someone else.

GodBlessAmerica (@calledTWOserve) _ TwitterOrdinarily, I would have expected a denial and a  snide rebuke to such an odd claim. Instead I was blocked in less than a minute.

Something else happened that was rather odd. Another twitter account was also blocked. The woman who had the account had not been engaged in any conversation. Her block happened at the exact same time as mine.

agblockedBased on this action as well as the verbage and tone of the tweets sent to me, one would have to reasonably conclude that this was, in fact Timothy Charles Holmseth.

Now I have been told that the image on the Twitter account is the same that is on Holmseth’s Facebook account. 

Rather conveniently, Tim has blocked me from his Facebook account as well.

It is possible he had access to this account or perhaps he made the account himself. He has been suspected of doing this before. There is a youtube account that was made in the name of a famous actress that supports Holmseth.

While my hunch might be wrong, it just seems to be a rather odd thing for someone to do smack in the middle of a discussion about the validity of Holmseths claims. 

It will be interesting to see how things develop with that account. Unfortunately, I do not have access to it so the person (or Tim) is free to slander me unchallenged. 

So we wait until tomorrow to see what day 3 of the Tim on the Lam saga evolves into.

Until later

William K Murtaugh


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