thwbThe problems facing Timothy Charles Holmseth after he decided to go on the run just got a whole lot worse. Right now his whereabouts are unknown. Is he camped out in his car or is he hold up with a relitive or friend? Is he able to get food to eat? Is he able to go to the bathroom? Is he sleeping in his car or in a nice comfortable bed?

thw1That we do not know but we may find out soon.


One of the problems Tim has is that he has pissed off a lot of people, including this author, who not appreciate being falsely accused of some pretty serious henious acts.


As a result Timothy Holmseth will soon have a price on his head. It is also likely that anyone who helped him pull off this stunt will also have a price on their headsas well.

A reward would be offered forinformation leading to the arrest and conviction of Timothy Charles Holmseth for the charges against him.

A separate reward would also be offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone harboring him. He is a fugitive from justice and anyone helping him stay out of jail would be prosecuted of this serious violation of the law.

There are literally hundreds of people, some quite wealthy, who want to see Holmseth locked up for a very long time.

These people would be willing to put up a lot of money to see that happen.

Until later

William K murtaugh


Until later


William K Murtaugh

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