It is now exactly one week since Timothy Holmseth decided to go on the run, rather than defend himself in court. I had thought there would have been far more support of him than has been the case this past week.

The number of active supporters is quite few and there are not that many supporters on the vast world of the internet.

If that were not enough, there are a number of rather vocal detractors. One detractor who goes by agent 19 has made at least one expose of Timothy Holmseth that is almost an hour long.

I learned a lot more on that video about Tim Holmseth than I thought I had known in the decade or so I have had to deal with him.

His most ardent supporter, a rather chubby individual from Alaska who seems to come across as some kind of preacher and is also someone who seems to be in this for the money.

Daniel Lee dnajlion7 Twitter

The number of critics is growing and it looks like Tim Holmseth is going to be long forgotten much sooner than I anticipated.

It would also appear that his arrest will be something of a non event when the news does get out.

The Holmseth media empire is heading for wave of hate as his suporters, as few as they are, move on to more profitable pursuits.

Until later

William K Murtaugh


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