Tim Holmseth is now on the run for a week on this third of September. Theories about as to where he might be and where he probably NOT is at this moment.

thwbA number of his very few supporters have gone on line to offer their insights and prayers. One to take note of is a supporter of his on Youtube with the username of Amy Dawson.

dawsonpageOnce upon a time Timothy Holmseth got banned from Youtube because his videos violated their terms of service. This did not sit well with Holmseth and others who complained loudly about it on alternative platforms.

On July 7th which was about two months ago a Youtube account bearing the username of Amy Dawson appeared with a video presumably made by Tim Holmseth where he brought forward more of his conspiracy theories.


A total of 20 videos were posted, virtually all of them made by Holmseth. Then, after the last post was uploaded on August, 19th all posting of comments by Amy Dawson and uploading of videos stopped.

There has been not been a single posting anywhere by Amy Dawson on Youtube or on any other social media since that date.

Which begs the question, who is Amy Dawson and where did she go? Is she the one harboring Tim? Did she know on that fateful day, exactly one week Tim flew the coop, that he had planned this stunt? Or is there a completely different and more obvious answer to these questions that nobody has thought of or, more likely, willing to admit.

To answer these questions it first becomes necessary to examine who Amy Dawson might be.

According to the About section of her Youtube page she is:

“I publish videos of whistle blowers that have been banned from social networks because they are exposing the Deep State.”

It is notable that the first and only “whistle blower” Amy posts about is Timothy Holmseth although one could cite that she was just getting started and decided to give Holmseth her complete attention.

Something I want to inject here is what the first second and third persons are when it comes to writing. The reason for this will become apparent quite soon.

The first person is the I/we perspective. Is the form I am doing right now. I am presenting this entry as I see it.

The Second person perspective is one that I label the advocate perspective: “You should contact law enforcement, you should take that point of view” and so forth.

Finally there is the third person perspective: This is the he she it they. In this perspective the author is writing about his subject as someone else even if this subject is about himself.

Tim Holmseth has a history of writing in the third person. Notably so does President Trump in his tweets.

Over the span of several years a number of Twitter accounts have come about where someone immediately is in support of Holmseth. These accounts would engage someone, usually his critics, pointing out the same points Holmseth makes and presents Holmseth as some kind of Whistle Blower, witness or whatever and gets critical of anyone disagreeing with his wild theories or points of view. After a short time, the accounts vanish.

It is now obvious where I am going with this. It is my firm belief and opinion that Amy Dawson and Tim Holmseth are one and the same.


It is my opinion that Tim simply used a common name, although Amy Dawson is the name of a famous celebrity, to bypass the banning of him from Youtube.

It is likely that had Tim Holmseth had not bolted on the 26th of August and somehow managed to stay free, that videos would have been popping up on the Amy Dawson account as of today.

The fact that nothing has been heard from either Amy Dawson or Tim Holmseth should cause anyone to make the most obvious conclusion.

Until Later

William K Murtaugh



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