When Timothy Holmseth decided to run from his court appearance, he actually did something a lot of people had been wishing for, for years. He shut up. There has not been one fresh video or verifiable post by Tim anywhere on the internet.

With an ever decreasing number of supporters making fewer posts about Timothy Holmseth, his name is being forgotten by more people as time marches on.

There is an old saying “publish or perish” and that seems to be what Tim Holmeth is doing. He is losing his audience, he is losing the attention of those who believe the nonsense he spews forth.

As time passes, others will take his place. John Lee for one and Field McConnell for another. Their use of Tim Holmseth will fade over time and they will take the lead and credit behind anything that used to be credited toward Holmseth.

There are other more important hoaxes and conspiracy theories to pursue. Holmseth is increrasingly irrelevent and will soon be ignored as the new material is brought forward and discussed.

In light of this truth, it is time for me to move on from Holmseth as well. Eventually he will be caught and if I feel like it, I may cover his eventual trials, if I feel it relevent. I have more important things on the burner and may not have the time for Holmeth anyway.

Until later

william K Murtaugh


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