One of the biggest complaints by Timothy Charles Holmseth is that he was forced to remove his book, In Re: Haleigh Cummings The Shocking Truth Revealed.”


I do not think very many people have read the entire book. In 2017 I managed to get two copies of the book, one from a rather interesting source and another when it somehow wound up for sale on Amazon.

At last check, there is no place on the internet that has this book for sale. A conspiracy theorist by the name of Field McConnell claims to have had 450 copies of the book printed and is going to put up these copies up for sale eventually.


What I have decided to do is to put some of the things contained in this book out there for everyone to see and get some idea of what makes Timothy Holmseth tick.

The words are his, unedited and complete. I will not put the parts that caused this book to be banned from the internet out there. Everyone knows what those are anyway since Timothy Holmseth has found ways to bypass the restrictions imposed upon him.

The Format I will be using is a Youtube video. It takes me longer to present things in this format so it is a work in progress.

Stay Tuned

William K Murtaugh

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