gangstalker.pngWhile covering Timothy Charles Holmseth’s great escape from justice, I have been watching the various social media personalities who have been talking about Timothy Holmseth and his escapades.

It would seem that Holmseth was the catalyst or at least  yet another reason for these people to be going after one Field McConnel who is the prime supporter of Holmseth to date.

Field McConnel is one of these conspiracy theorists who believes in the Qanon mantra regarding the deep state, pizzagate and pedogate theories that abound on social media. When Timothy Holmseth discovered these people, they took him in as a ward in their little community.

On the day of this writing, I was checking the youtube accounts of those who have been engaged in debating McConnell and Holmseth, I came aross this little gem.

Apparently someone called into Field McConnell and asked him questions that he was not comfortable answering. Field then hung up on the caller and had his followers who were on live chat post the callers number thus engaging in a practice known as  gangstalking.

Unfortunately, the caller turned out to be Montagraph who wasted no time calling out Field McConnell for this practice which, by the way, against Youtube’s term of service and can be legally charged as cyber stalking.


If one good thing comes out of the Timothy Holmseth saga, it is going to be the exposing of people like Field McConnell who engage in this disgusting practice of attempting to quell dissent among those who come across his actions and content on the internet.

Until Later

William K Murtaugh

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