TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH 6/17/1968-8/??/2019

This is the first of a series of blog entries I will be making to explore theories as to who may have had a motive to kill Timothy Charles Holmseth who has not been heard from since around August 21st of this year. 


To explore these various conspiracy theories as to who may have done this terrible deed, I am going to use “the Holmseth Method.” of citing who might be guilty of any number of criminal actions including the killing of Timothy Holmseth Himself.

On  to the first suspect: The luciferian.


Prior to Timothy Holmseth mysteriously vanishing and not showing up for his trial on the morning of August, 26, 2019, he had made countless claims that a great number of people wanted him dead. He even claimed that one person in particular had tried to kill him at least once.

That person would be none other than Vice President of the United States Michael Richard Pence.


Now why on earth would Vice President Pence want an unknown unemployed former pizza delivery driver from a small Northwest Minnesota town best known for tooling around in an old Ford Focus with Qanon written on his windows assassinated? 


The answer to this question one needs to study the accusations by Holmseth and members of the anti-deep state conspracy group known as #pedogate and #pizzagate. 


Holmseth has claimed in countless videos and Blog articles that Vice President Pence is closely associated with Mike Epstein, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Senator Scott, from Florida, Florida State Attorney Pamela Bondi and various law enforcement officers and judges in a vast child pedophilia sex trafficking ring and also providing children to Setanic Ritual Abuse Groups. 


Since Holmseth has labeled Vice President Pence to be THE lead luciferian, and claims to have proof to back up his claims with evidence that he has presented president Trump or, may about to present to President Trump and to Congress, it would be safe to assume that Vice President Pence would not like this evidence to be made public.


It has also been speculated that Pence may have plans to get Trump forced out of office so that he could take over the office as President in what would amount to a coup.


As the second most powerful person in the United States government, Pence would have access to highly trained soldiers of the deep state that, on his orders, would Kill Timothy Holmseth and dispose of him in a way that his body could never be found.


There is also the possability that they could come up with a body double to impersonate Holmseth. They could have this body double create videos or emails to bring forth whatever misinformation they desire.

There is currently speculation within the Qanon community as will as by Timothy Holmseth supporters that The  Queen of England along with Justie Ruth Bader Ginsburg are dead and have been replaced by body doubles.

rbg double

It would therefore not be hard for the same to have happened to Timothy Charles Holmseth.


The body double, however, has yet to show up.

Until later

William K Murtaugh




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