We now live in a world where queens die and get replaced by body doubles.


We live in a world where  supreme court justices die nd get replaced by body doubles.

rbg double

We live in a world where dead pilots get reincarnated and plans on running for Vice President.


On top of all of this we live in a world where the Vice President of the United States not only wants to kill the president of the United States, he also wants to kill a part time pizza delivery driver in a small town in Northwest Minnesota.


There are actually a LOT of people who believe all of this.

So, with all of that in mind, it really is not garbage for me to question if Timothy Charles Holmseth is not alive but is, instead, quite dead and attached to some cinder blocks at the bottom of a really deep lake in Minnesota.

gangstalkerNow, in the midst of my questioning his mortality status, it has been reported that he called into a live stream and made his usual outrageous and nonsensical claims.

There was no images or video, just a voice. Now pardon my speculation for a moment while I remind you of what I just posted. In light of these kinds of wild theories being believed by these people, I remain sceptical that this is, in fact, the real and alive Timothy Charles Holmseth.

If anyone has been paying attention lately, you might be aware that there is some really sophisticated software and hardware out there that makes it hard to distinguish between what is real and what is computer generated fakery.


Do any of you on an Amazon Echo? Amazon Show? Google assistent? How about one of those GPS thingies that tells you where to go and how to get there?

Have you ever called a business and got one of those voice menus that sound real?

IF so, welcome to the world of artifical intelligene. I have written on my blogs and discussed the trend if IA for years. I am quite familiar with the rapid develpment of this technology and because of this, I have strong doubts that the person on the other end of Field McConnell’s “mystery call.”


It is also wise to note that Tim Holmseth himself has time and again complained about being the victim of calls sounding like Donald Trump and well known people.


Therefore, it stands to reason that I am going to need a hell of a lot more evidence of proof of life other than a distorted phone call to an on line live stream.

There is a set standard when it comes to proving that someone is alive and ticking.

This is what I would like to see.

First, Timothy Holmseth needs to go LIVE on the air and ON VIDEO.


Audio is not going to cut it and neither is a recorded statement. Recordings can be tampered with.

Next, Holmseth would need to hold up a current newspaper with the current date on it. Better yet, he would need to stand in front of a television with a news program where the date and time is clearly displayed.

In this era of highly sophisticated technology, it is not enough, but just the minimum amount of proof needed to quell the doubts for the time being.

Ideally, Holmseth would need to appear live with someone on the air who could swear that it is him and not a body double.

Somehow I doubt Holmseth or anyone else will take up my challenge, but we will see.

Until Later

William K Murtaugh


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