I just listened to what has to be one of the strangest live streams I have ever heard on Youtube, and I have heard a lot of them.


It seems that I was not alone in my belief that there are serious questions about the caller being timothy Holmseth. For openers, the audio was terrible. For someone who is supposed to have all of kinds of hi tech resources, the anchor of the live stream apparently cannot afford even the most basic equipment needed to play the audio of a cellphone over the internet. The part to do this costs around $10.00 on Amazon.

The second impression I got was that this whole thing was staged and not very well. the Anchor practally announced it was Timothy Holmseth, referencing him time and again and even holding up a copy of his book.

fieldbookA book, by the way, that Holmseth claims is banned. This is at least the 12th copy I have seen of this book plus the 2 copies I personally have.

The caller, by the way, never admitted to being Holmseth. He always referred to Holmseth in the third person.

This is yet another strike against this being Holmseth and indicates that the Anchor is playing with his audience and this is more than likely a doctored or outright fake recording.

At this point this little stunt may have caused more concern than confidence as several people questioned the caller actually being Holmseth.

Finally, the anchor gave the caller’s location as Iron Mountain, Michigan. If that is the case, it is unlikely Tim Holmseth will ever see the inside of the Minnesota courtroom he ran away from. 

Holmseth has a quandry. He can either reveal himself visually and come out in the open or he can hide like a rat in a cave, if he is still alive, that is.

The longer he remains hidden, the more of his followers will drift away. Even the most devoted follower will eventually go away if they feel they are being played.

Which they are.

Until later

William K murtaugh



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