It occurred to me when I listened to the mystery caller segment on the live stream hosted by Field McConnell that Timothy Holmseth was being lead through the conversation like a dog on a leash.


It was if I was listening to a  stand up comedy act or perhaps an episode of Laurel and Hardy. Field completely controlled the conversation only allowing Holmseth to speak his peace on subjects he controlled.


What finally sealed it for me was when the call ended. Field went on to his next caller and almost immediately and Holmseth was almost completely forgotten. If his support of Holmseth was genuine, he would have been the center of attention for the entire webcast rather than the next caller in line on a talk show.

Daniel Lee dnajlion7 TwitterUpon reflection I came to realize that Holmseth has also been a prop for those who he thinks are supporting him. David Lee uses Holmseth to help advocate his own agenda and rake in the dollars as a result. Holmseth recently “hired” a Florida firm to help promote himself.

It would appear to me that Holmseth is going to be used to advertise the business, instead, rather than offer any benefit to Holmseth himself other than temporary attention.

Holmseth will become a pitchman for his so called supporters who will then be cast out into the cold once he is no longer useful and a means to make them money.

That moment will come much closer than one might think since the attention span of the audience is quite short and there is an election campaign coming up.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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