Timothy Charles Holmseth is obsolete. He is old news, he is stale, he is no longer relevent. He is outdated and it is now time to throw him out with the rest of the garbage.

It is with that setiment that I will be ending my full time coverage of Timothy Charles Holmseth who has not been heard from (except in a rather questionable phone call) for almost a month, with my webcast scheduled for Sept, 14, 2019.

Note that I said full time coverage. There may come a time to mention this idiot through blogging or on my future webcasts, but that will only be in passing, or in retweeting others who are doing a far more effective of exposing him and his new found allies, for the frauds that they are.

In  the event that Holmseth found and arrested, or even makes a live appearance that can be properly verified, it may then be appropriate for me to give whatever coveragage that may be justified.

At this point, however, I can find no good reason for me to continue my full time coverage of Holmseth.

He is fading fast in the minds of many. He has accomplished what many of us have tried to do for years. He has gone silent and is being forgotten as time goes on.

A new dawn will come tomorrow and in the days and weeks that follow, but Holmeth will forever remain in the dark.

Until later

William K murtaugh


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