Timothy Charles Holmseth may have finally managed to have landed himself into a huge amount of trouble according to what I heard on a Youtube webcast a few hours prior to this writing.

It took me a while to get things straight but  this is the gist of the story based on multiple sources.

It would seem that there was this woman named Cindy who was an avid follower of Holmseth who wanted to come to the August 26th trial to show her support. Unfortunately, she did not have the money to get there.


A follower of Field McConnell apparently found this out and sent the money to Field intending for him to get Cindy the money or at last arrange for her to get to Crookstown Minnesota.


Well, it is alleged that Field “accidentally” sent the money to Timothy Holmseth’s Paypal account. Since Timothy Holmseth went poof, it is unlikely that the money will make it back to the original donor and since there is not going to be a trial anytime soon, it does not look like Cindy will not be going to the land of a thousand lakes to support Timmy.

Now what has potentially been done here is a classic case of wire fraud.

This particular criminal act is a federal crime and is a third degree felony. 


Wire fraud is a crime in which a person or persons are involved in  a scheme to defraud or obtain money based on false representation or promises. This criminal act is done using electronic communications which in this case means using Paypal or any on line donation site.

Now, since Timmy is not likely to return the money nor will Field, which he is legally required to do since he was the trustee of the funds, whoever donated the funds would then have to decide if they want to prosecute them for wire fraud or just take the loss of $500.00 in stride.

Something tells me that both Tim and Field will dodge the bullet on this one and smile all the way to their respective banks, or in this case, paypal accounts.

Until later

William K Murtaugh


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