Timothy Charles Holmseth may be facing an entirely new problem that may change no only the dynamics of his running off to avoid appearing at the trial on August 26, 2019 but a chance that the status of his current bench warrant would be upgraded from statewide to national.


The first problem that Timothy Charles Holmseth faces is that due to him calling into an online live stream hosted by Field McConnell, he allowed the name of an individual to be mentioned on the show. Both Field McConnell and Timothy Charles Holmseth know that this is a clear violation of the court order that got Holmseth into his current mess.



Indications are that count number 5 will be filed as early as today. This may elevate Timothy Charles Holmseth to that of being a habitual offender. This and other factors could rise his count to that of a felon and thus create a more severe punishment upon conviction.

Another problem for Timothy Charles Holmseth is that his legal advisors failed to mention that there is an option that the judge could take in order to resolve the current charge for which Timothy Failed to appear.

It has been rumored that the judge and other concerned parties are considering conducting a trial in absentia.

This is a trial that takes place when a defendant is not present for trial, in this case Timothy Charles Holmseth took the cowardly way out and went on the lam.



Trial in absentia is a way to resolve this kind of a problem. It assures justice will be carried out in some manner and it usually results in a conviction since the defendant is not willing to defend himself.


In the case I linked above, the defendant was to go on trial for possession of a controlled substance. He failed to appear and the trial in absentia took place.

The defendant appealed the conviction to the court of appeals. The conviction was upheld.

If this trial takes place in regards to Holmseth and he is convicted, he would then be considered a convicted criminal who is fleeing to elude imprisonment and the bench warrant would be adjusted accordingly.

It may also become an interstate warrant which means that he would not escape arrest simply by crossing state lines.

So now Timothy Charles Holmseth has something else to consider along with the other mistakes he keeps making that are likely to make his life much harder when his luck finally runs out.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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