Today those of us in the internet social media community have at our disposal powerful tools to produce  content with the same professional appearance as the mainstream media either for free or at a surprisingly low cost. We also have the power to abuse through the use of these resources.

The proof of just how extensive the damage that can be done by the use of these resources can be best shown by the release of the 170 page complaint filed in the state of Florida by a professional woman who Holmseth became fixated on for the past decade.

It is a fixation that continues to this day.

Over the years, Holmseth honed his skills utilizing Blogs, website design tools, multimedia production tools, search utilities, audio and video processing and editing programs to create content that, at first glance, would give one the impression that the producer of the content was a media professional rather than the product of a part time pizza delivery driver living in government subsidized housing.

Rather than use all of these resources to create content to make a positive difference in the social media community and society at large, Timothy Charles Holmseth used these resources as weapons with which to terrorize and imitate anyone he chose to make a target of his wrath.

The main targets of Timothy Charles Holmseth were the woman who filed the complaint and anyone who even remotely had some association with her of a positive nature or disagreed with him at any level.

I was and remain one of those targets.

Kim, I and an internet group I have been affiliated with for years have fought to counteract this kind of bullying that has permeated on the internet for years and Timothy Holmseth has been the center of our efforts for at least a decade.


As Holmseth has expanded his power base, he has turned to the Qanon and sovereign citizen groups to further his agenda.


This has resulted in Timothy Holmseth getting on the radar of a number of highly effective and well known social media personalities such as Agent 19, Rebecca 1965 Montague/OctoberReignz, GlowsLightly and others. Each of these individuals using their various unique styles and methods have brought out the abuses of Timothy Charles Holmseth and those who have sided with him to viewers of social media.

The large number of subscribers of this “truth army” is vast with estimates of around 20 thousand viewers of youtube videos and twitter accounts. The truth about Timothy Charles Holmseth is getting now reaching a vast and diverse global community.

His vast propaganda network is now being met with those who have the same and even more skilled abilities with the same tools Timothy Holmseth has been using in an abusive manner to cause untold damage to those he targeted.

Holmseth’s media empire is crumbling. He is no longer able to utilize the tools he needs and he no longer writes on his blogs and websites and he no longer generates new videos.

He now is dependent on others such as Field McConnell to advocate his views. As a result he has lost control of his narrative. He is completely at the mercy of Field McConnell and others who are free to use his name to promote any agenda weather he agrees with them or not.

As a result, Timothy Holmseth’s future is uncertain. At any point these new allies could find that Holmseth is a liability that has outlived his usefulness and could abandon him at any moment.

As time goes forward and more current events and conspiracies present themselves, Field McConnell and the others will change their focus away from Holmseth and he will be powerless to do anything to either prevent it or retaliate against him.

Any attention to him will fade and he will soon be forgotten.

That fade of attention will start with me. Unless Holmseth is either arrested or found dead, or other circumstances dictate, this will be my last blog entry about Timothy Charles Holmseth.

My September, 14th live stream will be the last one where he will be the main subject of any live or recorded webcast I may do in the future with the same caveat I reserve for this blog.

Timothy Charles Holmseth is old news and is no longer worthy of my attention. Others are free to discuss Holmseth as they please. I am done with him.

Timothy Charles Holmseth has met his match, both with his enemies and his temporary allies.

Until later

William K Murtauth

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