(Editors note. Ms Westall apparently did not get the joke in my deliberate mispelling of her name. If I had spelled it WestFAIL, she might have picked up on it. Corrected anyway.)

I have just witnessed one of the sloppiest attempts at journalism in the history of on line social media. This mess started earlier today with the publication of this rather interesting piece on social media. 

westpageNow right at the start, if anyone has noticed there is a big problem that either Sarah missed, or perhaps thought her readers would miss.


Now I am going to save the best for last and discuss what other problems Ms. Westfall has when it came to her absolutely dumb decision to publish this article.


Ms. Westfall is apparently not aware of Florida’s sunshine and open records laws which deals with freedom of information rules and regulations. Florida is one of the most liberal when it comes to the requirement that information about things going on within governmental agencies are required to be open to disclosure upon requests from the general public. The fact that I am also a resident of the state of Florida helps considerably.

It took me exactly 10 minutes and two telephone calls to find out that there is NO investigation as was described in the article. Other than statements from a rather interesting individual by the name of a representative of some kind of consulting enity, there is no documentation to verify the claim. ANY good journalist would have attained the proper evidence to verify the facts contained in the article. The writer obviously did not do this and for a very good reason.

The reason has to do with the identity and background of the person who actually write the article.

The author of the article is supposed to be that of one Melissa Mae Dawson.

Now, the armchair detectives went to work trying to track down this woman with no success. I did my own searching around and found that Ms Dawson is either 90 years old or dead or both.

I did not have to do all this searching around since I had the answer the second I looked at the page.

Now to all of my armchair detective friends out there, I pose this question, Where have we heard and seen the name Dawson before?



And lest we forget this little gem.


Now take a good look at the image in the top left hand corner of this youtube page.


Starting to get the picture?

Now, think, my friends, where have I talked about Amy Dawson before?

Here perhaps?

Now this brings up some interesting questions:

Just who the hell is Amy Dawson

Just who the hell is Melissa Mae Dawson?

Are these two women Related? Mother daughter?

Are they twin sisters or just plain sisters?

Or are the Dawsons both pseudnyms for someone who is a fugitive from justice and is hiding behind false female bylines?

What do you think?

Update: In her retort to me on her twitter account, she made no mention of Ms. Dawson nor has she explained Amy Dawson and her current whereabouts. 

Until later

William K Murtaugh





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