riverblockThe latest troll who tried to rattle me failed. After calling me a pedophile with absolutely no proof like his idol has done for the past decade, he cut and ran.

I am not sure what he thought he was going to accomplish with all of this trolling other than making certain that he insists on making false accusations about people he has never met based solely on someone from another state that he also has not met.

According to the troll, he is from Texas, which is quite a distance from Florida. The troll has not come to Florida to meet me. The troll has never communicated with me other than on this rather short marathon on Twitter.

Yet, with all of these factors taken into consideration he insists that I am a  pedophile. This is the mentality of Field McConnell and those who are part of his group. They fling these wild accusations around ruining peoples lives simply for the purpose of making money.

What finally drove the troll to block me was not me debating his moronic conspiracies. It was this one simple question:

would you care if someone committed suicide because of Tim’s false accusations against them?”

Rather than answer, he reversed the question:

J.Eagle River2




“Would you care If Tim committed suicide because of your and ############# ‘s false accusations against him?”

Rather than answer my question the way any decent person would, he turned the question around to be all about Tim.

This is why trying to engage in a civilized conversation with these people is impossible. The best course of action is to continue exposing these money grubbing frauds and simply ignore them.

These are narrow minded, dark minded people who are out for one thing and that is money. They garner money from those gullible and stupid enough to fall for their rhetoric.

This river character simply wanted to badger everyone he tagged for his own benefit. He had no intention of engaging in a reasonable debate.

Here ends the lesson.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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