A new suspect has been suggested as harboring, and otherwise aiding and abeting a known internet stalker who failed to appear for a trial having to do with a second charge of internet stalking. 

Anonymous reports have been made claiming that the stalker has been seen in the company of a woman living in the city of Inner Grove Heights, Minnesota. 

Not much has been garnered at this point other than the woman may live in a large white house at the end of a rural road.

The suspect was seen riding around in what was described as a foreign make car similar to this one.


Anonymous sources have indicated that the car was the same one seen in the city where the suspect was seen just prior to his becoming a fugitive.

The woman was described as white, with long blondish hair. The woman was fairly short and seemed shorter than the fugitive.

Unverified anonymous reports that the couple may have been somewhat intimate when in the automobile at one time. One of the anonymous sources claims to live in nearby St. Paul, Minnesota and is familiar with the unnamed female. 

I have requested more information from the anonymous sources but none have been forthcoming at this time. From the tone of the communications, it would seem that the anonymous sources may have a dispute of some sort with either the fugitive, the famale, or both.

More details will be posted if any is forthcoming.

Until Later

William K Murtaugh

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