It would appear that Timothy Charles Holmseth has aligned himself with people who have a complete lack of judgement  as well as a lack of a moral compass. I am refering to an Internet webcast this evening where Field McConnell gave out the telephone number and detailed contact information of a woman who has been stalked by Timothy Charles Holmseth for the past 11 years to his wide audience of individuals who have stated their beliefs that the woman deserved to be hanged and also deserved the death penalty.


Field McConnell and a number of his associates are tied to both the soverign citizen and Qanon groups, both which are on the domestic terrorism watch list.

Timothy Holmseth is alleged to be behind a youtube run by a mysterious Amy Dawon. In fact, many believe that Amy Dawson and another anymous social media personality by the name Melissa Fae Dawson are in fact Timothy Holmseth using false identities in order to bypass Youtube bannings of him from their service.


Because of the increase in inflamatory rhetoric on the Youtube channel and on Field McConnell’s chat, it is becoming more likely that a lone wolf that is part of this group will stalk the woman and possible kill her because of their delsunial beliefs of what Holmseth and McConnell present on their respective social media sites.

Virtually all of these conspiracy theory groups believe they are above the law and as Soverign Citizens under the protection of President Donald J Trump, they are able to carry out the most severe actions against those who they feel are guilty of the crimes that they and Timothy Charles Holmseth have accused them of.

Because of the actions of Field McConnell and possible actions of a lone wolf, Timothy Charles Holmseth may find himself to being named as an accessory to Murder or attempted murder, or at the very least  can be charged with felony cyberstalking.

Just something for Timothy Charles Holmseth to ponder:


The State of Florida is a death penalty state. Those charged with being an accomplace to murder under special circumstances are subject to the death penalty.


It would appear that Timothy Charles Holmseth may have something new and far more serious to worry about.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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