Well, it looks like Timmy blew it…..again. His final chance to be a martyr ended on September 24th at 5:00 pm edt. That is when international attention started to turn towards the Impeachment of Donald J Trump. 


Prior to this time, Timothy could have become another Julian Assange or perhaps a Chelsa Manning or even an Edward Snowden.

He could have allowed himself to be arrested, or turn himself in to serve his brief second stint in prison as his supporters flocked to him and condemn the kangaroo court that was persecuting him. 

Instead, Timmy chose to hide and remain a fugitive. Other than posting old videos on the Amy Dawson Youtube channel and making mystery calls to Field McConnel’s live stream, Timmy has not been heard of in just short of a month as of this writing.

None of that matters now. With the impeachment of President Trump story growing more intense, Public interest will turn away from Timmy. The Qanons, Pedogaters and Soverign Citizens will focus all of their attention on the impeachment story. Timmy will be ingored as time goes on.

Even people like Agent 19, Montygraph and Rebecca 1065 will shft away from Timmy as there are other fish to fry. Field McConnell and the other scammers will turn their attention away from Timmy.

In the coming weeks if Timmy happens to get arrested or turns himself in, it will be a non event. Since the conspiracy world will be concentrating on Trump and the election, there will not be much time for anything else. Pedogate and all the wild conspiracy theories will become less and less important.

Perhaps a dozen or so die hards will keep things up, but in the end, they too may fade away as their audience shrinks. 

If the day should come, there will be nobody flying in from Alaska or miles away. There will likely be less security but not much else. Tim will be all by himself to plea his case alone. He will try and fail to make a mockery of the court.

He will be tried and convicted Tried again and convicted again and then tried and convicted one last time nd then it will all be over.

Like so many of the internet personalities before him that wound up being famous for all too brief period of time, Timmy’s 15 minutes of fame will end and he will be forgotten.

Until later

William K Murtaugh



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