Now that it is known that Timothy Charles Holmseth is using a false identity to bypass having banned him permanantly from their website the safety of an innocent woman may be at risk.


Remember that many people believe Tim Holmseth is in danger of being killed by the Vice President of the United States of America, Mike Pence.

Holmseth has stated this many times in the past. He claims that this is the reason he is under the protection of the US Marines and the Navy Seals.

Well, this statement was just made by the same woman who declared that Amy Dawson is actually Timothy Holmseth:

But why stop there?

Tim has a daughter.

Tim has a son.

Tim has parents.

Tim has at least one sibling.

In short, Tim has a LOT of friends and family.

IF what Tim claims is true, he has some real powerful enemies who are pissed off at him. They would be even more pissed off if he were hiding somewhere under “protection.”

What better way of getting back at Timothy Charles Holmseth than “eliminating” friends and family one by one.

By the way, his daughter has a young baby.


Now what was that he is accusing a lot of people of doing to babies?

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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