Timothy Charles Holmseth, the self appointed press secretary for the non existent Pentagon Pedophile Task Force lashed out against me and others due to my previous blog entry where I brought up the interesting fact that the image he uses as a symbol of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force was also used in an article written about a violent Neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division. Nazi hate group.


In his 6 minute video, Holmseth holds up a printed screenshot of my blog article:


Tim Holmseth conveniently DID NOT display the image above that would have pointed out that the PPTF image also appeared in that article.

To this date, Neither Timothy Charles Holmseth or any of his handlers and supporters have disclosed where he obtained the image used as the logo for the PPTF.

Holmseth’s rather remarkable reaction to the article in this small and rarely read blog begs the question as to why such a dramatic reaction by Holmseth and his supporters occurred.

In His video and in his blog article Tim Holmseth made reference to “General Flynns digital army” thus implying that General Flynn was involved in the creation of this group and also authorized Timothy Holmseth to “activate” what amounts to a vast cyberstalking campaign to those who have disputed the existence of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force and had expressed a strong opinion that it simply did not exist.


In the article and in the video that he posted both to Facebook and to Youtube, he  issued instructed any member of the “digital soldiers” to investigate those of us named in the article under the guise of “research.”


The entry makes it clear that Holmseth wants his soldiers to create vast numbers of blogs and other social media websites to target dozens of us in a massive propaganda campaign that will have the likely result of putting a great number of innocent people at personal risk and possibly in imminent danger of violent attacks by those who have displayed violent actions in the past.

Timothy Holmseth is currently a fugitive from justice. He was to go on trial in August for the second of four charges of criminal violation of a court order. He is alleged to have stalked a prominent Florida Attorney for the past 10 years. He fled Minnesota in defiance of the court and remains at large.

This is the most recent mugshot of Timothy Holmseth.

The initial carrying out of Tim Holmseth’s instructions have apparently begun as his blog article and videos have been repeated on this Facebook page run by a woman who uses the name Randi Q Erickson. In reality her legal name is Randi Lynn Erickson who is said to be supporting his criminal conduct and has admitted to giving Holmseth thousands of dollars over the past several years.


In addition to posting Holmseth’s video that is now on both and his Facebook page, Ms, Erickson also posted a link to a website that is part of a “operation boomerang” where Holmseth’s instructions are repeated.


Wego is a highly censored website meant solely for those who are part of the Qanon cult. They do not allow criticism or dissent. They call any dissenters trolls:


The Link that appears in Ms. Erickson’s Facebook post leads to a website that gives clear instructions regarding what actions the members of General Flynn’s Army are to take. The term for the proposed action is Gang Stalking with is a form of Digital Terrorism meant to discourage the criticism or questioning the actions of the supporters of Timothy Charles Holmseth and several others with questionable backgrounds alleged to be of a criminal nature.


The webpage contains the same list as Holmseth mentioned in his blog along with the threat that more names of future victims of this Gang Stalking action are  promised to be added.

It is to be noted that many of the people who follow Holmseth and the others involved in his network are anonymous and their backgrounds and personalities as well as their morals nor ability to follow the law are virtually unknown.

Many are said to be anti-government and of the extreme far right. Some believe that even Vice President Pence is attempting to oust President out of office by any means necessary.

One Supporter of Timothy Charles Holmseth was recently arrested in New York City and was found to have 18 knives in her possession.


The woman, said to be a professional “fire dancer” was eventually released and continues her erratic behavior on her Facebook page.


There is a history of those who support Timothy Holmseth posting violent threats against innocent people that they accuse of the most heinous acts imaginable based on their own political biases and largely due to their personal battles with the court system.

One victim of these cyber bullies is a prominent South Florida attorney who has been terrorized by Holmseth for the better part of a decade.



Holmseth persuaded an elderly man from Wisconsin to side with him and as a result the man, Field McConnell who operated a website called The Field Report, made violent threats against the woman that included him posting an image of her with her head decapitated and called for her execution on several occasions.


He is currently awaiting trial in Broward County Florida on a felony charge relating to Felony cyberstalking.

It appears that Holmseth may be once again trying to rile up someone, this time from the General Flynn Digital Army to do his dirty work for him.

Only time will tell who that next victim will be.

Until Later

William K Murtaugh



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