In yet another cowardly attack in order to avoid answering to the points I brought up in my prior article, Tim Holmseth once again uses material generated by a convicted pedophile in a attempt to silence my exposing of his lies and frauds on the internet.



Ten years ago, a person known as Monoxidemmac is alleged to have created a set of counterfeit chats that law enforcement had dismissed over a decade ago.


This is nothing new for Holmseth as this is his pattern for dealing with those who would call him out on his fantasy of being one person from the ear of the President of the United States.


I am not the only one who suffers from this almost daily defamation at the hands of Holmseth and his cult followers who blindly ingest his ugly lies about people he has never met.

As I have written today, Timothy Charles Holmseth has implicated General Michael Flynn of heading a “Digital army” whose purpose is to go after, by sheer coincidence, everyone who has criticized the actions of Holmseth for over a decade.



Others on the so called Wolfpack list are those who Holmseth accuses of being child traffickers, child rapists, and of eating babies and drinking their blood. Some are former friends and supporters who helped Holmseth protect his property while he served time in prison for one of the four charges against him.

Timothy Charles Holmseth refuses to be held accountable for his actions. He has been charged with four stalking related violations.


He has attacked a Florida attorney for over a decade for the simple reason that she refused to allow him to barge into an effort she and others were making to help the family of a missing child.

This is the most recent mugshot of Timothy Holmseth.

Rather than pursue the kind of investigation and research that any ethical journalist would, Timothy Charles Holmseth engaged in an ugly and mean spirited attack against a mother of three children that he never met.

He wrote a book where he made horrible accusations, again without proof, against this hard working mother of three.fieldbook

Timothy even went so far as to involve a 70 year old man in his smear campaign against this woman to the point where he is waiting to stand trial for a felony charge in the state of Florida.


Timothy Charles Holmseth is also a fugitive from justice.

Rather than defend himself in court, he fled in defiance to the court and now has a warrant out for his arrest. In order to continue to avoid answering the charges against him, Timothy Holmseth is living out of a small suv filled with junk using piggyback wifi to spew his ugly lies over the internet. rqefb

In spite of his continued defamation of people he has never met, there are dozens of us that will continue to make him accountable for his actions and will continue to expose Holmseth for the fraud that he is.


At some point Holmseth’s actions will reach the point where law enforcement will be forced to intervene and Timothy Charles Holmseth will finally be held accountable for his actions.

Until then, we fight on in the quest for truth.

Until Later

William K Murtaugh


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