I have received another notification from the same confidential source of yet another incident regarding Timothy Charles Holmseth. I find this barrage of newspaper articles rather startling as I had not come across this information in my years of research into this self proclaimed journalist who boasts being the press agent for a super secret government agency he calls he Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.

The article appears as follows:



While I await this new revelation, I will continue to track down the origin of the material supplied to me to further understand how this incident went undiscovered until now.thmugshot

Now it is likely I missed finding this article for two reasons. First, the date is June 6th 2004 which was before Tim Holmseth started writing about missing and murdered children.

The second reason might also explain why I was unable to find verification concerning the article I wrote prior to this one.


BOTH cases involved minor children and thus were likely sealed after the information was somehow obtained by each of the newspapers.


There has been speculation for years that Timothy Charles Holmseth’s obsession with young children and Haleigh Cummings in particular may like in something hidden in the closet of his path.


I must state for the record that I have not been able to derive the actual police reports nor have I been able to contact the authors of both of the newspaper articles.

This may be due, in large part, that these are small regional newspapers that do not generally archive all of their articles and also do not operate 24 hours a day.

There is also the added problem of tracking down sources to the the corona virus and the fact that most people in this profession are working from home and are that much harder to contact.

Any leads or information provided to be by confidential sources are theirs and I only report what I have been presented with.

It is up to each and every reader of these articles to do their own research to verify these articles and I will also endevour to uncover why I was unable to discover this information previously.

I felt it necessary that in light of the fact that Timothy Charles Holmseth is a public figure who represents himself as an advocate against crimes against children to at least present these submissions to me as a matter of interest to the public.

If these articles turn out to be genuine, it should be of great concern to those who have supported Timothy Charles Holmseth and  may also explain why nothing has been heard from Tim Holmseth since May 5 2020.

I will continue to investigate both of these incidents and will update and provide information that I may uncover as a result.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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