Timothy Charles Holmseth, a weird conspiracy theorist who claims to be the media spokesperson for the mysterious Pentagon Pedophile Task force has declared that the National Security agency is monitoring my telecommunications.

Timmy’s false accusations came as a result of a short video I made less than 8 hours prior to this blog entry.


I find his claim of being monitored by the NSA to have reached a new level of weird. Once again Timmy does not understand how things work in US intelligence gathering. If he did, he would probably quit using the internet all together.

At almost the same time, another critic of Timothy Holmseth, an individual who goes by the username of MEKO aired a 4 hour long webcast that called into question the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on his Youtube channel.

Meko also operates a number of other social media websites that covers a wide variety of subjects.


Meko is just one of a growing number of social media journalists who are questioning Timothy Charles Holmseth’s wild claims concerning the PPTF and the defamatory accusations he has made against anyone who dares question the merits or facts of what he publishes on the internet.

While I seem to be the lead target of Timothy Holmseth’s path, there are others out there that are far larger with a bigger social reach than me that he should be worried about.

For over a decade, Timothy has begged for attention and now that he has it, he is terrified of it.

Until later

William K Murtuagh

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