In a post that completely defies common sense that was made on Randi Erickson’s once again Timothy Holmseth is getting death threats. Randi claims to have been getting death threats as well.

As evidence to prove their claims, both Tim and Randi posted emails that makes various threats.


Now here is my problem with their claim of being in imminent danger of serious injury or death or any other harm that would be directed at them.


Both Timothy Charles Holmseth and Randi Q Erickson claim to be part of “The High Command” and the Pentagon Pedophile task force and have very close relationships and communications at the highest level of the United States Government.

Timothy Holmseth in particular, claims to be one man away from the ear of President Trump.

oneman (2)

Timothy Holmseth has claimed to be under the protection of the FBI as a material witness, The United States Marshal’s service, The Navy seals, and even United States Marine special forces.

Now if I had that kind of protection, the last thing I would be worried about is a bunch of trolls if such a thing were even true.

Now, anyone who has any understanding how emails work and the various tools for identity evasion would know full well that the posting of ip information contained within them are useless at best.

Next, I have examined each and every one of the emails thoroughly and it is my opinion that every one of them are fake. There are clues withing all of the emails that give away the fact that these are likely fabrications meant to garner pity and concern among the members of the Terry Holmseth and Randi Erickson cult.

The simple fact of the matter is that both Randi Erickson and Timothy Holmseth are not important enough for anyone to risk their freedom do deal out whatever threat they may have received.

The pity part is a rather interesting and easy way to garner funding since Timothy is actively soliciting funds and there are people out there who are more than eager to part with their hard earned money on nonsense.

I have yet to see any case numbers or police report filings with either the local state or federal law enforcement agencies. Since this is an international threat of violence over the internet, the FBI would be the logical place for such a complaint to be directed.

Finally, if Tim and Randi are so closely connected to those of the highest positions within the United States Government, putting an end to these various threats and punishing those who sent the emails would come quickly easily and severely.

The least efficient way to deal with threats of this nature is going down the road of blogging about it and perhaps doing a blog or two.

It is more realistic to assume that this is yet another hoax made up by a couple of conspiracy nuts to both divert attention away those of us who are exposing their frauds as well as eliciting pity from their cult members and fattening their wallets in the process.

As least these two are providing the internet with a vast amount of entertainment and showing everyone just how stupid these two really are,

Until Later

William K Murtaugh

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