Timothy Charles Holmseth reminds me of one of those people who watch the same movie over and over again. That would be the kind of person who watches the same movie so often that he has memorized every scene and every line of every actor in the film.


For the past several years I have debated Holmseth demanding he provide concrete proof of the many accusations against me up to including accusing me of being a pedophile.

I have demanded proof of his accusation that I wrote him an email asking inappropriate questions about his daughter of a sexually explicit nature.

So, what has his answers to my questions been?



That and the same video clips of a tv interview and illegal telephones made to me by a convicted pedophile.


There has been no police reports, no investigation reports, nothing,

Instead, Timothy Charles Holmseth reacts with name calling and cartoons.



The video that I created that caused Tim’s latest caustic reaction was a 4 minute video made up entirely of his own words and postings on his blog. His own words. Nothing was made up. No silly cartoons, no weird phone calls. Just his own words and his own blog.


There is nothing in the video he can deny. He is in a dark world, a dark world of child sacrifice, satanic rituals, pedophilia and child sex trafficking.

Timothy Charles Holmseth is mad at me for using his own words against him.

Let that one sink in.

Until later

William K Murtaugh


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