It seems that it is abundantly clear that arguing with people who believe in utter and complete nonsense is an effort that is futile and a complete waste of time.

I am quite astonished at what people believe and who they believe,

For some strange reason, there are people who will invest their faith in an unemployed fugitive from justice who brags about being one person away from the President of the United States while driving around in a car full of junk and piggybacking off of wi-fi.

While it is amusing to read the blogs and watch the Youtube videos these idiots put up, there comes a time when one has to pay attention to grown ups who know what the hell they are talking about.


There is the old expression “you can lead a horse to water but cannot force him to drink.” That seems to be the brain dead cult that has put their faith into the PPTF snake oil salesman.

Because of this I am going to change the tone of the MURTATHONS and concentrate on subjects that grown ups with intelligence can talk about.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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