Timothy Charles Holmseth is like a scared little mouse trapped in a corner with nowhere to go. Once again when confronted with the truth, this time his own words, he lashes out once again with the only defense at his disposal:


That and obviously defamatory blogs by biased people who do not care for the truth and who not care to do the necessary research behind what they are publishing.


Timothy has a number of mindless cult members who refuse to believe the truth about their demented “leader.”

These mindless lemmings follow every word that Holmseth writes or speaks without the slightest care that he is speaking utter and complete nonsense.

They refuse to believe the obvious truth that Holmseth is both a liar and a fraud. They cling onto him like a god, and attacking those who attack his lies with lies of their own.

It is a battle I have fought for almost a decade and it is a battle I continue to lose. I am but a small pebble of sand on a very big beach.

It is an even harder battle in this age where lies are commonplace and the truth is all but forgotten,

It is a battle I will continue to fight until I am no longer able to do so.

Until later

William K Murtaugh


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