The missing child cases of Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings have two things in common. The first thing is that they both happened in the state of Florida and the second thing is that they attracted alleged and convicted pedophiles.


One of the better known pedophiles was a confessed child sex offender who was a moderator for one of the largest and most respected true crime forums. She had confessed to four counts of lewd acts on a minor. In return for testifying against her co-defendant who was her now ex husband, she received probation and did not serve any time in prison.


Another alleged pedophile who was also involved in the two missing child cases was someone known as MonoxideMMAC. This strange bird from Kentucky was best known for some rather troubling antics including putting animated child porn links onto a chat site concerning Caylee Anthony.


And finally, there was the blogger who went by Hobbit88. The blogger claimed to be a woman concerned about the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings and had quite a following on WordPress and other social media websites.

That was until some social media bloodhounds discovered that Hobbit88 was a he and not a she.

Hobbit88 turned out to be Ricky Lee Lincoln, a registered sex offender out of the state of California.

The story of Ricky Lee Lincoln is a bit of a mysterious one as he seems to have vanished after 2012. Now under normal circumstances, one would think he was deceased but then one should be able to find a record of his death.

When the story first broke out about Ricky Lincoln there were a lot of internet detectives who investigated his background and for a while his name could be found on various social media websites. Those posts have also vanished.

That is, except for an anonymous person who has been in contact with me since Friday. The person claims to have quite a bit of information about Ricky Lincoln and claimed to have reached out to me when they came across a number of audio tapes that were on a blog written by the conspiracy nut who used to live in Northwest Minnesota and who is now a fugitive from justice.

According to the anonymous person, Lincoln is alleged to have been in constant contact with the conspiracy theorist for quite a long time. It appears that there has been ongoing contacts going back as far as shortly after the Cummings case went national.

It is claimed that the contacts took place even after Lincoln was outed as a registered sex offender and continues to this day. The contact made it clear that the conspiracy theorist is likely not aware that he is in contact on a regular basis with Ricky Lincoln.

This is probably due to the fact that Ricky is once again pretending to be a female, at least most of the time. The contact claims that the person who once called the conspiracy nut claiming to be a constitution of the United States and had some high ranking security clearance. The contact states that they know it is Lincoln because they attended his trial.

The contact has promised to send me additional information over the next few days concerning Ricky Lincoln and his alleged interaction with the conspiracy theorist.

Since none of this information has yet to be confirmed, I will hold off on making any judgements.

I do find the revelation about Ricky Lincoln to be rather suspect and oddly convenient.

Time will tell

William K Murtaugh

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