My how times have changed. I remember a time when even the slightest little fib would get one into serious trouble on social media. It did not take much to get the internet police on the prowl to punish the offender.

Those days are long gone.

We are now in a time where a guy can sit in a car full of junk and declare that he is the most important person in the war against child abuse, sex trafficking of children and combating satanic ritual abuse and thousands line up to suck his lies up like beer at a baseball game.

I have reached a point where I  have realized it is a futile effort to fight such stupidity.

Now, people will believe anything told to them as long as it agrees with their social or political beliefs.

Truth be damned.

Just tell me what I want to hear and I will empty my wallet for you.

There is no telling at this point, where all of this nonsense is going to lead.

All we can do is watch and wait.

Until later


William K Murtaugh

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