This past Friday, I aired another one of my MURTATHONS.


Almost immediately after the Live Stream started, the conspiracy nut that has been stalking me for almost a decade posted the same tired old illegal actions against me by a convicted pedophile on his Facebook account.



He did this in spite of the fact that I no longer discuss him by name.


The only conclusion I can draw from his actions is that he is pleading for attention even if that attention is negative.

What is silly about all of this is that I only had 8 viewers on the MURTATHON for the entire 3 hours it actually aired.

The conspiracy nut seems to be annoyed that I am doing on location coverage of the Field McConnell court proceedings when they take place later this year.


For some unknown reason the conspiracy nut is unwilling or unable to come down to Fort Lauderdale himself to cover the eventual jury trial of Field McConnell.

This is in spite of the fact that the conspiracy theorist is traveling all over the country in a car full of junk streaming on occasion from restaurants where he piggybacks off of their wi fi connections.

Something seems to be rather off when someone has such a burr up his ass about a 8 viewer Youtube live stream that does not mention him by name.

But, considering who this conspiracy nut is and his history, that may be, in fact, not that unusual after all.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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