For the past two or more years a conspiracy nut from Northwest Minnesota has claimed to be the media spokesperson for a government agency tied directly to President Trump and the pentagon.

The claim that this individual is part of a super secret government agency fighting Pedophelia has been debunked time and again over the years and thus there are those who felt he was engaging in Stolen Valor.

So what is stolen valor which, in the past,  has been applied to those who wore military uniforms under false pretenses?

Since the individual did not claim to be a veteran of the military, many felt that the accusation did not apply in his case.

That point of view has changed after a video appeared on both Facebook and Youtube:

The individual also claimed the following:

WHAT is the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force – Question ANSWERED! – (USAISA)


The problem here is that the USAISA is a military organization. It is also part of a larger military agency known as JSOC:

US JSOC: Joint Special Operations Command


The individual by declaring himself as an important part of an agency directly connected to JSOC may propel him into being guilty of violating the stolen valor act:

If the individual is not defined as being criminally chargeable in this specific situation, there would be the question of this being further evidence that he may be in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse act in that he may be engaging in wire fraud.

At the very least the individual is arrogantly insulting the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice which is being remembered on this holiday weekend.

It is unlikely anything will come out of this latest outrage since there seems to be little that can be done or will be done to stem his arrogant actions.

He simply is not important enough to garner the attention of the forces necessary to finally put a stop to his foolishness.

That, however, may change soon if this conduct by him persists.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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