The northwestern Minnesota based conspiracy theorist may have posted yet a second false story regarding the riots in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


In the first incident of false reporting, the conspiracy nut claimed to have received an article from  WCCO a CBS affiliated media outlet that the police officer arrested for murdering George Floyd had committed suicide.

Now common sense would have dictated that if this story had been true, virtually every news outlet on planet Earth would be reporting it. At the time of the live interview the conspiracy theorist was participating in did anyone interrupt to report of this alleged suicide.


Upon learning of this claim by the conspiracy theorist, I contacted the station and learned that the story was fake. I published this fact on several social media outlets including those the conspiracy theorist monitors.


The conspiracy theorist then had to retract the story claiming that he was misled. Now one would think that an “award winning journalist” who claims to be one person away from the ear of the President of the United States would have the sense and the resources to verify that the article sent to him was genuine.


I am not an award winning journalist and was able to get this story debunked within 5 minutes of him publishing it.

At no time did the article he cited ever appear on the Facebook account of WCCO. The article also never appeared on any of their social media accounts including their main account. Upon close examination of the screenshot, it was obvious that the article was counterfeit.

The genuine article on the right has a time stamp and the format is entirely different. There is no such time stamp on the counterfeit article. Also, nowhere on any of the WCCO social media websites do the above link blocks appear above any of their articles.


In his latest article, the conspiracy theorist is implying that the truck driver who was arrested was innocent of the charges in spite of a video showing him crushing the bicycle of a protestor who was knocked off of it when the truck sped through the crowd at a high rate of speed.


There is a bit of confusion about this being a deliberate act or a case of not paying attention to ongoing events and driving at almost 70 mph in spite of the fact there were a large number of people on the highway.

It will be up to the prosecutor if he will be charged and then if he goes to trial, he will be either acquitted or found guilty.

What is ironic is this same conspiracy theorist has been persecuting a truck driver, me, in this case, based on unverified social media contents that he has refused to do even the most basic fact checking on to determine if the evidence is in fact “fake news.” His persecution of me has gone on for almost 10 years.

It is inconvenient for him to find the truth about me and correct his false accusations because it would prove to the world that he is the one who is the master and commander of fake news.

That is something he absolutely cannot afford to do.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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