Why indeed? The answer, of course, the Pentagon would absolutely not give a damn. You see, Randi L Erickson exposed herself and her bunch when she wrote to a Youtuber stating and I quote “We created a task force.”

Randi Q Erickson freely admits that she and the group she is associated with created the PPTF and NOT the Pentagon or any agency of the United States government.

Now in her latest idiotic stunt, Randi published a comment on her facebook page:


Along with the comment above Randi also posted an image of an envelope with Holmseth’s OLD address on it along with the address of the sender being the person of interest in the case of Haleigh Cummings, which is something Randi conveniently LEFT OUT  of her comment.


Another thing Randi left OUT of her comment was what was IN the envelope. Now one would think that if this was such a spectacular revelation, that she would publish the letter.

However, by NOT publishing the contents, Randi plants the seeds of doubt with her gullible cult followers who will not take the time to do some basic research.

First of all I find it rather odd that the postmark is MISSING. Yes, there is the normal cancellation marks that are generally used to prevent the stamp from being used more than once but THERE IS NO POSTMARK.

Postmarks on stamped letters are generally right near the stamp and are quite visible. In this case it appears there is either not there or is so faded that it is unreadable.

I find it rather odd that Timmy or Randi  were not able to offer a better image of the postmark since even a 5 year old smartphone is capable of taken a better picture than whatever was used to create this poor image.


Randi has another problem. It is called the Florida Sunshine law. In a majority of cases, correctional instutions (prisons) duplicate anything sent to or from a prisoner. This is to prevent shady actions on the part of all parties.

This letter was sent by the Parkland shooter. Virtually all of his writings were made public. I will be filing a records request for the Croslin letter to Holmseth this coming Monday

These letters are also available to the general public. Another problem for Randi is that I live IN FLORIDA and in this case, I live just under a two hour drive to the institute in question.


It would be a simple matter for me to drive to the institute, explain the situation and request to speak to Misty or her legal representative to determine the circumstances surrounding the letter.

It is rather curious that Randi posted this letter right after my prior article where I pointed out that she had admitted in her own words that the PPTF was NOT created by the United States government but rather by her and other civilians who do nothing more than pester various government agencies with their nonsensical garbage.

Meanwhile the loons who buy into this crap are sending their money to these fraudsters who laugh all the way to the bank.

And thus such as it is on the wild and wacky world of the internet.

Until later

William K Murtaugh

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