When I first started to write on this blog in 2019 it was for the express purpose to set forth my opinions regarding the Trump administration and the direction this country was going in as a result of his election.


However, I had decided to change the primary subject of this blog towards Timothy Charles Holmseth and those around him. My goal was to provide the truth and point out the actions of this group against an innocent mother of three and to expose the damage they have done to those who put their faith and their money behind Holmseth and the others.

My Youtube channel also followed the same format as this blog. I concentrated on Tim Holmseth and the other fraudsters as well as the Case of Field McConnell who is currently under house arrest in Florida and who is also awaiting trial for making death threats and other threats of violence against the same innocent mother of three.

Now it is a fact that the vast majority of those who participate in the chats on my Murtathon are Trump supporters.

I will still cover the Field McConnel case as it works its way through the Florida Judicial system as well as other cases related to the group of scammers I had been discussing.

I will also be discussing other subjects as I had stated before on my Youtube channel and other social media accounts.

That said, it is now time to turn to the matter at hand in regards to my Youtube channel at this point and what I feel has been occurring during the MURTATHONS.

I have noticed that their support of Trump and some other issues that I disagree with have infiltrated my chat and in some cases the comment section on my Youtube channel despite my requests to them to refrain from discussing topics other than Tim Holmseth and the other frauds that the channel was set up to do.

This is a situation that I can no longer tolerate. I had suspended to a large degree, my MURTATHONS and my MOBILETHONS while deciding how to handle this issue.

My answer is to end my neutral stand and my original position to keep my political views off my blog and my  Youtube channel.

That change will begin today June, 14, 2020 as I begin to cover the political campaigns of Trump and Biden. I am a supporter of Biden and plan on voting for him in November.


This country is going in a direction that I completely disagree with and I feel that Donald J Trump is not only NOT the answer but is, instead, the reason why this country is in such disarray and decay today.

If I lose subscribers and support on my Youtube as a result of my decision, so be it.

I do not force people or demand people to comply with my political point of view and I cannot fault anyone who chooses to leave because of what I believe in.

I have only asked that people keep politics OFF the channel regardless who they support.

I will wish anyone who leaves the channel because of my decision well and thank them for sticking with me  up to this point.

Those who choose to stay even though you disagree with me will be welcome to remain and even to state your own beliefs as long as you can do so with respect,

In return, I pledge to do the same.

Until later

William K Murtaugh


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